As you might have noticed when taking a look at the Charge Manager 2010, despite its many features it has an unacceptably high volume when in operation. The two fans are always running at full speed when any charging or discharging is in progress, even when the device is just "Trickle"-charging the batteries. Sometimes it even happens - I still have not figured out if I'm the only one facing this problem - that the fans just go off and won't stop until I insert and remove a battery into the Charge Manager.

You can imagine this being quite annoying. The not-very-bright construction of the air vents also adds to the noise level. Therefore I decided to change the fans and replace the air vents. This is a kind of step-by-step explaination of how I did this.

Warning: Although these steps might seem to be easy to reproduce, this is not without cost: letting aside the obvious loss of warranty there is the risk that you could do something wrong resulting in serious damage to you, your property or other people. There is also the risk that you will be legally held responsible for whatever consequences any modifications might have. If this is not clear enough: if you modify the device, it starts burning in the middle of the night, your house burns down and your wife and children die, you should start getting a good lawyer. Do not attempt to modify this unless you are absolutely sure of what you're doing. In any case I will not take any liability for your actions.

So you're not scared off? Then prepare to buy some things:

Description Quantity Part no.
Approximate price (Euro)
Fan 12 Volt, 40x40x10mm
U = 12V, I = 60mA, P = 0,6W
5500 RPM, 24dB Noise
2 Lüfter-4010 12V 2 x 2.10 € = 4.20 €
Fan guards, 40x40mm 2 Lüftergitter-40 2 x 0.38 € = 0.76 €
Set of Screws, PC 1 PC-Montageset 1 x 1.20 € = 1.20 €
So for about 6.00 € you should get a pretty cool tuning kit for your charger.

Now then, let's take a journey into the insides of the Charge Manager 2010 (just click on any image to enlarge):

After unscrewing the 8 screws on the bottom, the Charge Manager can be opened:

On the top (blue circle) you can clearly see the two fans in their slots. Further to the bottom of the picture you can see where the cables of the fans are going and the point where they're soldered into the circuit board:

First take the fans out of their places. Use slight force, but no pliers or other "heavy gear":

Solder off the old fans, but do not yet put in the new ones:

Now break and drill the air vents open (I used a small hand drill for that). This is going to be a real mess, so keep a vacuum cleaner ready:

Place the fan guards in front of the hole, drill small holes for the screws and put them in place:

Now solder in the new fans:

Place the new fans in the fan slot:

Here you go, you're done:

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