What is YaCM2010?
YaCM2010 stands for "Yet Another Charge Manager 2010 Interface" and is, as the name may suggest, a program to interface the battery charger "Charge Manager 2010", manufactured by Conrad Elektronik. The connection is established via a 9-pin RS232 null modem cable, where YaCM2010 may be running and recording the data which is being sent.

What operating system is supported?

What license is YaCM2010 distributed under?
GNU General Public License.

Can you be held responsible for damage being done to my battery charger, computer, home, car or pet?

Where can I download YaCM2010?
As of 2004-01-12, there is not yet any version available (as main functions are not yet coded). There will, however, be a release in a couple of weeks.

Where can I find more tools for the Charge Manager 2010?

What more is there to find on this page?
If you're interested in turning the Charge Manager 2010 into a more silent battery charger and have a little talent in doing things yourself, my little modification page might be of interest to you.

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